I had no plans for today. I get freaked out when that happens – no structure and too much time to think…  the negative inner voice tends to scream at me on days like this. So I decided to get up and make a list of everything I needed / wanted to do today. The list became surprisingly long but I managed to achieve a few things on it – the most time consuming of which was baking cupcakes!

I’ve realised that baking isn’t a hellova lot of fun when your kitchen is the size of a thimble.  I managed to get flour and red food colouring on every single surface imaginable (including every item of clothing I was wearing) and then my whisk decided to give up the ghost just before I started mixing the icing stuff. The result is very sore arms from manual whisking and slightly lumpy icing sugar, but dang it still tastes good! A few of the cupcakes commited hari kari on their exit from the oven by mystifyingly launching themselves from the oven rack onto the floor. Disloyal little b@stards. I adopted the 5 second rule and I’m pretty sure that given sufficient icing no one will know the difference! I also used the over ripe bananas that were stinking out my thimble kitchen to make banana bread. So – I live alone and I now have 16 cupcakes and a whole loaf of banana bread looking longingly at me. Dangerous.

Luckily I’m off to Britt and Mark’s tomorrow and I’ll be taking my bounty with me – we’ll be meeting my Mom’s new man. Ooooh.


2 Responses to Cupcakes

  1. niamh says:

    As a previous recipient of said cupcakes I am dying inside. Enjoy them!

  2. Britt says:

    I have to say, officially, those cupcakes were damn fine!!!!

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